About Us

Our Vision

To enable people to bring meaningful change in their lives through actions that effectively leverage individual and collective strengths and resources of all concerned.

Our Mission

To promote innovative, effective and structural models for the creation, delivery and consumption of social goods and services that place people at the centre of ownership and decision making.

Our Goal

In 5 years till 2025, our work would have impacted the lives of 5000 households.

Our Philosophy

The Trustees devote their personal time and resources to the activities of the Trust. They call upon their circle of friends and well wishers to contribute from time to time. They also reach out to the larger donor world, both individuals and organisations, to contribute and partner with the Trust in its programs.

While the Trustees do not take any salary nor do they claim any professional fees, they believe that their professional contribution must be accounted for in the overall economic analysis of the work of the Trust. Accordingly, the Trust recovers and retains an appropriate charge from all incomes towards their professional contribution to the Trust’s programs. The Trust does not at any time recover any charge towards their time devoted in fulfilment of their obligation as Trustees.